The Unusual Wedding Dresses Buying Guide

unusual wedding dressesTraditionally, a wedding dress is a white gown worn by a bride on the day of her marriage ceremony. However, color and style of the traditional wedding dress vary based on culture and religion. In the Western world, Queen Victoria is credited with the ongoing popularity of the white, long wedding dress. However, in the Eastern world, red is often a popular wedding dress color. Today, unusual wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

While traditional wedding dresses typically sweep the floor, modern unusual wedding dresses come in a variety of lengths. Buyers should consider whether they are looking for unusual wedding dresses with long trains, unusual wedding dresses that just touch the floor, or unusual wedding dresses that fall somewhere between the knee and floor. Further, most unusual wedding dresses have extra length so they can be hemmed to the bride’s specifications. When looking at the length of potential unusual wedding dresses, future brides should keep in the mind the height and style of their wedding shoes as well. Today, future brides can find unusual wedding dresses in almost any color imaginable. However, pure white and ivory continue to be the most popular choices for unusual wedding dresses. For brides looking for a more subtle way to incorporate color into their dresses, belts, sashes, or embroidery can take on different colors to add a hue of flair.

A future bride should also take into consideration whether or not she is interested in customizing her unusual wedding dress. Some unusual wedding dresses can be customized slightly or designed from scratch. When shopping for unusual wedding dresses, buyers should consider whether the length, color, fabric, and details of the dress can or should be altered. For example, a bride might add straps to a strapless dress, dye the dress ivory from white, or have faux diamonds encrusted around the neck. For brides interested in heavy customization, the simpler the base gown, the more room for creative customization.