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Sheath Summer Wedding Dress with Lace Straps BC041

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Sheath Summer Wedding Dress with Lace Straps BC041

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Summer wedding dress in style is simple yet informal. Highlights include a ruched bodice with Lace straps and the asymmetrical draping that creates a flattering effect. Back features a cowl style details and the cascading detachable chapel length train flowing beautifully down. Side zipper closure.
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Fabric: Satin
Waistline: Natural Waist
Hemline: Floor Length
Closure: Side Zipper
Train: Chapel
Silhouette: Sheath
Embellishment: Lace Appliques & Beading
To make special changes to dresses, such as changing the shape of the neckline, the color of belt or altering a Strap, you need to order additional Custom Alterations Service.
We can provide rush order Rush Order Service.

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Update of my Review
Here are some links to some pictures I hope this helps!

B&W: http://picasaweb.google.com/coldflame/20100709KHPhotographyBWWedding02#
Sepia: http://picasaweb.google.com/coldflame/20100709KHPhotographySepiaWedding#

WHAT I HAD DONE: I had 4 inches taken off the top (in the width) and it tapered down from that and ended at the waist, I also had the privacy panel removed from the back to have the skin look and make the ribbon more noticable. I also got the bottom below the privacy panel restitched as I tore it the first time I put it on, just an inch or so. The day of the wedding however I was running late and I got the back all done up, but we forgot to go back and tighten it after, so there was more ribbon and skin then there was supposed to be! Had I ordered the dress with the zipper it would have been perfectly sized, however because it was perfect you couldn't see the ribbon and it was overlapping to get the dress tight enough, that was why I decided to get it tapered. I also bought the suggested petti coat and in doing so that also needed altered as I am only 5'1" tall. The total for those things was $100. I asked about getting a bustle put on as the train was longer then I had expected and the tailor wanted to charge me $50, so I planned to do it myself, but when I took it to get pressed the alterations person there charged me $10 to do it. Because of the weight of the dress it was like a piece of yarn used and 2 buttons added and I was worried thinking it would show too much, but it didn't turn out as bad as I expected and no one seemed to notice. The dress standing on flat ground was about 1.5 inches off the ground in the front, but perfect in the back. I was worried about that as well, but on the beach with bare feet it worked out perfectly, but if you are wearing heels or on flat ground I would suggest adding just a bit to the bottom length if you order a custom size as I did. I felt I had to order a custom size as I was 8 inches shorter and just cutting 8 inches off the bottom I worried the placement of the decals around the knee wouldn't be correct.

They recommended the dress in diamond white (light ivory) and I was concerned because the guys where wearing white shirts but I think it looked good. The white on the top stands out just a little more with the light ivory and it really does look white I think. I also ordered a veil from inweddinddress.com and I gave them my measurements, I think I did 19 inches in front and 21 or 22 in the back and asked for them to match the decals from the dress. It cost $30 and they actually beaded along the entire edge and it was a perfect match! However it is just a veil so you will need to take it to your hairdresser in advance to find out how they would like it attached and add that as it has nothing to attach it to your hair. As I didn't do a pre-visit to the salon (the wedding wasn't where I live) we just used bobby pins and we attached it just before the wedding. It worked but I also didn't want to wear it beyond the wedding and some of the photos, which was good as it fell out about 20 minutes into the photo session.

I hope that helps you get an idea of the dress and what I did afterwards to further alter the dress. When I purchased it there was no reviews and it worried me so I wanted to help others out once I took the leap of faith and decided to do it. Everyone thought the dress was a worth a LOT more then I paid and I have received a ton of compliments and the veil everyone guessed was a few hundred, as the basic veil in a bridal store is usually $150 and up. I did end up getting a bill for $26.25 for the duties and taxes. So in all I paid the asking price for the dress and petti coat, $30 for the veil and $26.25 for the duties and taxes, $110 for alterations. All in all it still seemed like a great deal! I didn't pay for speedy shipping but another girl I spoke to it took a few weeks longer then it took me to receive mine.

To answer the big question would I order from here again, YES I would as it is a dress you only wear once. The stitching along the back seam was a little weak but again you only wear it once so it's good enough. I wore mine to the wedding and I wasn't easy on it, I wore it in the water, played basketball on concrete and hola hooped at my reception in it. I also wore it for a "trash the dress" session where I walked on a train bridge, and went all the way to my chest in the lake and it still survived all of that, minus a small tear on the seam where the button was placed that the train hung from.

I hope this helps everyone out! P.S. give yourself more time then you think to get ready I was 40 minutes late!!! :) Review by Heather / (Posted on 5/16/2018)
Definately great price and quality
I ordered this mermaid style dress with lots of detailed embroidery and beading. I was a little nervous and hesitant ordering online, but for the price, I took the chance. When I finally received it, I was blown away! It was perfect and it looks like the embroidery was all done by hand...it is absolutely gorgeous and exactly the way I wanted it. This dress would have cost me at least $2,000 in the states, but I paid $275 including custom length because I am 5'11" and shipping! I am definitely shopping here again and am recommending this website to all my friends! Review by Kimberly / (Posted on 5/12/2018)
Received my dress
So I received my dress today I was VERY impressed with the time. I ordered the dress in a custom size on April 27th and it arrived on my door in Canada May 14th.

I had asked several questions, especially concerning length, they stated that the dress would be 2 inches longer then the size so if wearing higher heals to state that. I am going barefoot and the dress JUST hits the floor, it doesn't seem to reach the floor once I add the krinilin underneath. I will have it pressed and see if that improves the length a little.

They shipped the dress with the beading inside out so it didn't rub on the package which I was impressed with. I also had a viel custom made to match and it is a perfect match and they beaded along the entire edge which I was very happy with.

The top looks exactly like the photo but it is too big and not as fit to the bust as it looks in the picture, it is almost like it was taken from a size 10 dress (I am almost a perfect 6, except for the length) because it comes almost 3 inches below the bust before the satin starts.

I have a 32 inch hip and the dress was made to PERFECTLY but considering it has a krinilin under it it is almost too perfect, when I bent over slightly the seam on the butt tore. So be sure to give yourself a little room in such a fitted hip style dress as to make sure it has room to bend and move.

Overall I am very impressed but there are a few things I would change or would have liked more acurately fitted.
Review by Heather / (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Real Life Picture Please!!!
I would love to see a real life picture of this gown on a real person! Especially the back of it, as I hear it is a corset.. I would love to buy a bling belt to wear with it, but not sure if that is possible with this dress. Please email at [email protected] Review by Missie / (Posted on 6/24/2012)
The fit is fantastic
I also had it custom made!!
The dress is BEAUTIFUL!! Exactly like the picture I am very pleased with it. The beads on the strap are shinning, and my upper body looks slim with the corset closure on the back. I am very happy that I ordered this dress. I will be definitely using this website in the future!!! lol

Review by India / (Posted on 2/24/2012)
pay attention to measurements
I am a bit larger in the chest, so I have to have a larger size than the usual. According to the size chart, I am a Size 6 but the bust size is not suitable. Luckily, they could provide me with custom measurements and it is free of charge. Really helpful! When I got my dress and tried on, it fit me well. I can't wait to marry the love of my life in my dream dress at my dream wedding. Review by Saty / (Posted on 8/22/2011)
like the exquisite details
My dress recently came in, but I need to iron them before wearing it on my big day. I don’t have a good idea about how to iron, steam ironing or something else. I've been e-mailing to them about my questions and they reply to me quickly. I have to say that their customer service staff is friendly and effective.
The dress is cheap enough but I think it looks more expensive than its price. There are so many details and a level of complexity that is not conveyed through online pictures.
Good luck to every bride looking for her dress!
Review by Elaine F. / (Posted on 8/19/2011)

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