Seasonal Colored Wedding Dress Tips

nontraditional unique wedding dressRecently, many women are no longer limited to the traditional options of white with the selection of nontraditional unique wedding dress, wearing colored wedding dresses is the latest trend that is dramatically growing in popularity these days.

Many women choose different colorings according to season. The top colors for spring brides are pastels, magnolia, salmon, lavender, pinks, lilacs and soft shades of gold. Deeper shades are chosen for the summer brides and beach dresses for weddings even display a variety of tropical colors and fruit-scented hues such as watermelon, kiwi and lime. Yellows, oranges and gold are the most suitable tones for autumn brides. The winter bride, however, seems to wear the boldest colors: royal blue, scarlet, ruby and burgundy, gold, cinnamon, champagne and claret, and sometimes even touches of black.

All so pretty and so unique! Are any of you planning to wear a nontraditional wedding dress with some color?